Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

FOTD : "Cute" Look with Naomi Falsies

Hey my dolly~

Kiong hee.. Kiong hee~~ (´▽`ʃƪ)

Happy 'SUPPA BELATED' Chinese New Year!!! 

May prosperity and luck come to us in this 'water snake' year!!!!

Btw, i really want to look like a cute doll but always failed.. *sigh*  and today i really really trying hard to get that cute look..

cute enough??

ok..failed -_- *AGAIN*

I used:

Face :
Oriflame perfecting primer
NYX concealer in jar # medium
Sleek blush #flamingo
Maybelline all in one powder #light
Etude House aloha v-line slim maker #sun gold

NYX eye base in jar #skin tone
L'oreal hip chrome #black shock
Maybelline lasting drama gel liner
Naomi falsies no. 42 (1 pair)
NYX jet black adhesive
Holika Holika Jewel light eyeliner #pink topaz
Daiso Japan eyebrow pencil #black

Candy eye belle #gray

Maybelline babylips #anti-oxidant berry
NYX concealer in jar #medium
Oriflame veryme lip stain #rapsberry
NYX megashine lipgloss #golden pink

4 different types falsies from Naomi Eyelashes
I'm using this falsies for today's look 

Naomi Falsies no 42 Kawaii series

"Reusable * Contact lens friendly * Ultra lightweight. Naomi strip lashes enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Suitable for all eyeshapes, they are ideal for regular wear or a special occasion"  

Packaging :  4 / 5 ( suppa cute for affordable price falsies) 

Price  : 2.5k / $2.5 each ( i bought when it sale, so i just paid for 12.5k HALF PRICE GIRLS!!.. fufuufuu~)

Made in : Unknown

Repurchase : Yup!

Available in : Bulu Mata Naomi Eyelash 

Pros : Suppa affordable with good quality, informative and cute packaging, can be used for several times. NOTED!! it's so kawaii >,<. 

Cons :  Not too varied, just came up with a few types. 

     I love this falsies,, it's like a dupe for high brand falsies like dolly wink, diamond lash, etc.. although the price is fairly cheap, but the quality is quite good IMO and the packaging is sooooo cute... *compared with packaging from other cheap falsies* on the back side of the packaging there is also a 'how to use' information so for those of you who don't know how to use falsies no need to worry *wink*...Too sad Naomi falsies just has the kawaii series.. :(

Rating : 4 of 5

Happy 1st birthday IBB!! \(´▽`)/

Really open for suggestion, comment down bellow ladies!!

♥ "Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It is about a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly a beautiful soul .

マタネッ(^ー^)ノ~~Bye-Bye-For-Now !

24 komentar:

  1. Cantikkk.. cute enough kok.. **cubittt**

    1. Enelan ga??? :p berasa aneh banget.. -_- btw thankyou soooo much Reen!!! :* <3

  2. OMG ! You look so cute. The falsies are FAB !

    Hina xx

    1. Aww thankyou darl~ omg! yes, they are!!! *dancing*


  3. favoriteku no 42 jg cii..itu d fotd aku suka pake yg 42..cakeeppp..

    1. iyo Dew, aku juga paling suka sama yg ini... cantekkk abis!! >,<

  4. mataku gag bersahabat sama bulu mata palsu T____T padahal kan pengen nyoba
    kalau gag bikin mata sayu, atau malah mengerikan -____-

    1. Belum terbiasa mungkin?? atau bentuk falsiesnya ga cocok kali ya?? aku klo pake falsies yang tipis dan panjang juga aneh jadinya.. -_- hhhee~ thankyou Deeyah!! <3

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  6. Balasan
    1. Tuh kan gagal dan SELALU gagal.. *nangis sambil megang pink blush* :p Klo ce Rini mah sexy bisa cute pantes.. ngiri deh aku NGIRIIIII~ T^T

  7. Balasan
    1. Thankyou sayang~~~ u too pwettyyy~ mwahmwahhh!! <3

  8. What a pretty look! And I actually think you do look like a cute doll!


    1. Hi Sal!! OMG!! Really?? glad to hear that im look like a cute doll.. i really trying hard for that~ Thank you!!

      Love you.. xoxo <3

  9. Oh you do look cute as a doll sweetheart, the eyelashes are fabulous on you. I saw you on the gig facebook page and came to follow you, but I already follow you on GFC lol hope you can visit my blog again soon
    Angela x

    1. Hi Angela!! thankyou for a sweet compliments.. Aaaa~ i remember "the glow worm" right??!!

      Love you Angela!!


  10. right it is cute and natural..

  11. cantik! judulunya lucu xD

    do you want to follow each other?
    visit my blog ^^

    1. aaakkk~ thank you!! <3 Judulnya lucu?? yg "cute" itu ya?? hheee~ jadi malu.. :p
      Followed you my sweet!! <3


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    You have such an impressive blog :-) Just came across your blog via GIG from Facebook Group and truely
    loved it. Its always been so nice to meet with a person who shares the same passion like me .
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    would love if you follow me back <3 <3 <3 xxxx


    1. Sana!!! Hii!!! wawwwwww~ what a sweet compliment!! im glad that you loved my blog dear!! followed you!! hope we can be a friend!!! *kisskiss* :*


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